Dmitry Gololobov is a Principal at Gololobov & Co (Russian Legal Advisors).

Dmitry is an advocate and a Member of Moscow Bar since 2002. Registration number: 77/3088. Areas of expertise: Corporate Law, CIS Financial & Corporate Crime and Corporate Conflicts.

Education: J.D. (Rus), LL.M. (Lond), LL.M. (LSE), LL.M. (UCL), Ph.D. (Rus), Ph.D. (Lond).

Professional Experience

1992 – 1995 - Major bank (Russia), lawyer.

1995 –  2003 - YUKOS Oil Company, Russia Deputy General Counsel.

2003 – 2004 - General Counsel for YUKOS Oil Company.

2005 - present - Principal of Gololobov and Co (UK).

Visiting Research Fellow and Visiting Professor, Money Laundering and Corporate Fraud (University of Westminster, UK ).

Dmitry is an author of a number of publications in the UK, the USA and Russia on a range of topics relating to Russian Economic Crime and Corporate Conflicts. He reports on Russian economic crime at the annual International Symposium on Economic Crime in Cambridge.